September 25, 2005

Duty Call

Seems like my work need me to make a journey:

1. 26 Sept 2005 - 30 Sept 2005 : Attend "Mentoring" courses at Pearl Int Hotel, KL
2. 30 Sept 2005 - 2 Oct 2005 : Camping - Kiulu, Tamparuli, Sabah.
3. 2 Oct 2005 - 5 Oct 2005 : Visit Practical Training's Student - Tawau, Sabah.
::5 Oct. 2005 : 1st Ramadan.

huh...what a dayz.

My friend, Sahran said "this is a time to generate money". Well, he's rite in one aspect, but what about my children, my family. Quality Time.


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