September 22, 2005

Silent Decision

My wife know one salesman from EON at KK. His name is Pahmi. After I came back from Tawau last week, she contact Pahmi to get some info on procedure to buy a car. So, Pahmi has come to our place last Monday and explain to us briefly about the procedure, payment, and also has calculate how much I have to pay as a downpayment and CCM for certain period of loan. To make us more excited, there is a RM3K discount in present that EON has offer. So after the calculation, I have to pay just small amount as a downpayment.

Today we one more time met Pahmi. Agree to buy the Gen-2. I have paid a booking fee. He will process the loan application.

At 5.30pm someone from bank called my phone to tell me that it will be a bit uncertainty since I have already have a loan for my first car. He'll call back tomorrow to give a result on loan application.

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