September 15, 2005

The Gen-2

I'm arrived Tawau at 6.00 am. Hiadayat was there to fetch me using the Hilux.
After took a breakfast with my in law there, I then took a bath so that we could go to Semporna earlier because my sister in law, Rosmiah, has to work in the evening.

We arrived at Semporna at 10.00am, Rosmiah met her boy friend there, and we took some drink then proceed to the Doctor’s house. After a few minute he came back with his Gen-2 which he wants to sell. I make a test drive about 15 minutes around the Semporna Town, then came back to his house.

After a few talk, then I agree to take a car but with a condition that I just continue the CCM. He agrees, without any payment make to him. So we drove back to Tawau to AMBank for some other bank regulation that we have to clear out.

About an hour drive back (The distance between Semporna and Tawau is about 100km) we arrived at Tawau’s AMBank.  The Doctor was already in the counter when I arrived. So, have an explanation from the bank officer there. He said, I as a buyer, have to make a new loan, re-loan, for an amount of the car current price, so that I can change the name for the car. I cannot just easily change the name and continue the CCM. I’m not agreeing since I have to add the amount of RM4000 for all the process and down payment.

When we outside the bank, we one more time try to make a deal. Another choice that he has if he want to sell his car is to make an agreement with a lawyer as a witness, let me use the car and pay the CCM, until the end of the period then give the agreement to the Bank for change the name what so ever. Then he not agree.

So we both do not achieve any decision that suite to both of us. Then we both go home with a little frustration.

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