September 11, 2005

UMS Convocation

When I came back from Kuching yesterday, my wife ask me to go to UMS since there was a convocation day there, known as Tamu Gadang. So, at the evening, after back from office, we get there. Actually this is the last day of Tamu Gadang.

People still crowded at the convocation stall there which, as usual, sell T-Shirt, Souvenir, food and that DiGi stall thing. My two kids as usual uncontrollable, ran here and there when looked at something interested to them, that ballon thing. Bought the ballon to both of them, the ballon man knot the threads to their arm, so that the ballon would not fly away. Syafique is ok, he let the threads knotted to his arm, but not for Faeiz. After less than 15 minutes faeis's ballon fly away. He loudly cried so that his mom has to bought another non fly ballon.

I found a stall which sell the second hand books. Many books was there, so I grab three fiction novel by Stephen Coont, Richard Preston and another author. I used to read the book from all of the author, and they are good writer. Secret prey, Cuba and Sphere.

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