September 14, 2005

Need A New Car

We need a new car. In present we drive Kancil. My wife suggest that we have to find a bigger car. Well, women. So, last two day we went to one car shop to look for a car. Not to choose a car but to ask for a price, loan interest, down payment and CCM. In my mind, the target was Waja. After a few info from the car salesman, she's became more excited.

This morning, when she called her mom in Tawau, told her mom that last two days we went to watch a car, her mom said that someone in Sampoerna want to sell his car. A doctor, rarely drive his Gen-2, is looking for someone to continou his car loan. My wife more excited.

Tonight I'll take the 800pm bus to Tawau. Tommorrow I'll go to Semporna to watch for the car, then arrange that changing the car name as well as bank loan. Hopely I'll drive this Gen-2 from Tawau in the next two days.

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