September 24, 2005

The Agreement

Today is a working day, replace the next Hari Raya holiday. After an hour at my desk, Azmi from Bank Rakyat called to sign in an agreement for a car loan. At last the loan is approved.

At 1130am proceed to Bank Rakyat Likas to sign in the loan agreement. The loan was approved with one condition, I have to summit the ANGKASA form, where, if in any case I could not pay the installment for three month, then ANGKASA will automatically deduct the amount from my salary. What an option. Since today is a Saturday so I could not sign the ANGKASA form. Next Monday I'll take 10.00am flight to KL to attend a course. Hopely, at 8.00 am I'll be at admin office to sign the form.

The loan is pending until I summit the form.

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