September 6, 2005

To Kuching

Everything was setup. We will take a 1.05 pm flight to Kuching today. Since I'm not book a Department transport to sent us to airport so I've talk to Samsul to fetch us to the airport.The problem was, there are five of us and the car only suite for four, so I have to ask Rahman to send me. Then it's settle. At 1130am we'll proceed to airport.

We arrived at the airport at 1225pm, then hurried to the counter for check in. Since we're quite late, so quickly get into the terminal, no baggage to cargo, for imigration check. The problem occured when I myself didn't bring my passport, since I've confident that to travel between Sabah and Kuching, I only have to bring my ID card, MyCard, but it's not, I need to bring the passport, if I am working in Sabah, means live for a long time in here (more than three month). The news article is here .So, I have to convince the immigration man there that I really work in KK, and also what I thought about MyCard. After a few nonsense advice from him, then I'm free to go. Thank god.

At 105pm we enter the A50 Fokker airplane with the flight number MH5813

The plane transit in Sibu for 30 minutes and we have to check for another immigration. This time its totally applied MyKad to travel in Sarawak. I get the three month staying in Sarawak receipt that they print from a machine that used a data from MyKad, first time I think that it is useful.

The Fokker landing at Kuching about 315pm. When we exited the terminal, a student who used to be a comitee of the program, come to greet us, then show us a food court, or a cafe, so that we could take our lunch. We met a team from Kota Bharu there who also just arrived from KL.

After took some meal, then we brought to a bus which fetched us to Politeknik Kuching (PKU). After about one hour we arrived at PKU. Registered, check in the hostel, then take a rest for a while before some briefing about the programme at 830 pm at Lecture Hall.

Good for me when met most of the old school mate during the briefing, even not from a same batch, but the person are familiar. Isa, Abbas, Rashid and some other which I have forgot the name.

Hishamudin geve a brief agenda on the program:
1. Serapi challenge - which involved all of the four participant from all team.
2. wall climbing - two participant from each team, couple.
3. Santubong Challenge - two other participant from each team.

Wall climbing and Santubong Challenge will be held at the same time.

The briefing finished at about 11.00pm before we back to hostel.

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