September 14, 2005

Birthday Shafique

Yesterday, 13th September, was Shafique's birthday. Nothing much we made to celebrate his birthday since next three days will be his brother, Faeiz birthday. He is three years old know. Feel's like just a few time ago he was delivered by his mom at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. But reality is, his three years old.

In this few weeks, his talking too much. He mastered a new vocabulary each day in his growth day.

Watch my kid growing up day by day infront of my very own eyes is really an honour to me. Valuable time in life. Watch him crawling, collapse during his first step walking, his very first word and etc. I'm so lucky to watch all those process with my own eyes.

We eating out last night. Go pizza. Last time when we went to Pizza Hut, both of them, Faeiz and Shafique, used the baby chair as their seat, but last night, bothe of them sat on an adult seat. So...they're growing up. They're also clever enough to request this and that. Dah besar dah anak aku ni.

Happy birthday Shafique

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