October 2, 2005


At the KK airport before flight to KL

So I have attend the five days Mentoring Courses at Pearl International Hotel at Jalan Kelang Lama, KL. The courses was more on how to facilitate the Practicum Lecturer where I suppose to be the mentor and those practicum lecturer is my mentee.

Quite bored since all the time we just sat and listened to the lecture, but a bit of informative and knowledgeable.

Journal Writing:

Continuous notes on events, problems, achievement of some field which we are interest on.

The Format:
- Note on event/ occurrence/ problems
- Feel / opinion regarding to the notes
- Analysis of the event / subject (why)
- Suggestion of action to be taken
- Time to solve the problems
- assessment on the succession (how to evaluate the result)
- next action.

well, at least I have taken a note.

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