September 25, 2005

Duty Call

Seems like my work need me to make a journey:

1. 26 Sept 2005 - 30 Sept 2005 : Attend "Mentoring" courses at Pearl Int Hotel, KL
2. 30 Sept 2005 - 2 Oct 2005 : Camping - Kiulu, Tamparuli, Sabah.
3. 2 Oct 2005 - 5 Oct 2005 : Visit Practical Training's Student - Tawau, Sabah.
::5 Oct. 2005 : 1st Ramadan.

huh...what a dayz.

My friend, Sahran said "this is a time to generate money". Well, he's rite in one aspect, but what about my children, my family. Quality Time.

September 24, 2005

Warrior Geezer

Today's Most interested blog visited:
Warrior Geezer

The Agreement

Today is a working day, replace the next Hari Raya holiday. After an hour at my desk, Azmi from Bank Rakyat called to sign in an agreement for a car loan. At last the loan is approved.

At 1130am proceed to Bank Rakyat Likas to sign in the loan agreement. The loan was approved with one condition, I have to summit the ANGKASA form, where, if in any case I could not pay the installment for three month, then ANGKASA will automatically deduct the amount from my salary. What an option. Since today is a Saturday so I could not sign the ANGKASA form. Next Monday I'll take 10.00am flight to KL to attend a course. Hopely, at 8.00 am I'll be at admin office to sign the form.

The loan is pending until I summit the form.

September 22, 2005

Silent Decision

My wife know one salesman from EON at KK. His name is Pahmi. After I came back from Tawau last week, she contact Pahmi to get some info on procedure to buy a car. So, Pahmi has come to our place last Monday and explain to us briefly about the procedure, payment, and also has calculate how much I have to pay as a downpayment and CCM for certain period of loan. To make us more excited, there is a RM3K discount in present that EON has offer. So after the calculation, I have to pay just small amount as a downpayment.

Today we one more time met Pahmi. Agree to buy the Gen-2. I have paid a booking fee. He will process the loan application.

At 5.30pm someone from bank called my phone to tell me that it will be a bit uncertainty since I have already have a loan for my first car. He'll call back tomorrow to give a result on loan application.

September 21, 2005

Shafique & His Drawing

He likes drawing. I remember when the first time his mom bought him the color pencil, firstly he doodled the paper, but then all the flat object he thought he can used as a drawing media. The wall, TV screen, sofa, CD player, oven, etc. When someone come to my house, about half meter from the floor, they will be exhibit with a fancy color drawing which he has create along side the wall. Untitled drawing.

This is Shafique with his other untitled drawing. Luckily this time he uses a correct media.

September 20, 2005

Tukang Photostat

My wife run a stationnery shop. There are a photocopy machine, a computer and some other services she provide at her shop. I am a lecturer who always has a student who need a lecture note. So some of the student looking for me if they want to photocopy the note.

This is Edith. She is one of my student. She has a business minded so that she collect a lecture not from one of the lecturer, compile it, then ask me to photocopy the compilation note with a certain amount. It was a large amount. Today she came into my office to collect the note that she was ordered last two weeks. Hopely she'll get some profit from this.

We were happy then. Edith was happy, my wife was happy and the student were happy.

September 19, 2005

The Bike

Almost a month ago my bike was broke. Something wrong with the brake. That rear wheel totally jammed. Yesterday, I dismantled the wheel, take off the brake's drum and brought to workshop to change the brake lining. Brought the brake drum home then install it back by myself. A bit sweated since long time didn't do this kind of technical maintenance work.

Today I ride my bike to the office.

Work Again

Back to office work again: After the two hour class

First day at work after two weeks break. Nothing unusual since everyday if I'm not out from KK, I was at my desk.

Distribute the key chain that I bought from Kuching at early office hour, everybody say thank you and asked when I was going to Kuching. Most of them don't know.

Begin the morning class with SKM4B, material technology 1, with a conventional teaching method since Aliuddin has borrowed the Laptop and do not bring it back till now.

Everybody are busy with that ISO thing today since they'll start audit tomorrow.

September 18, 2005

ISO internal Audit

Tomorrow will be an internal audit for ISO. So I have to finish all the undone documentation for the auditing. And, unfortunately, there is no document regarding to the ISO I have done. So, in order to not involve in any problem when someone ask so many question, I have to finish all those undone documentation, filing, marking etc etc by today.

See the file, nothing!

September 16, 2005

Faeiz Birthday

I took a 715am bus to Kota Kinabalu. After nine hours traveled by bus, I arrived at Telipok at about 4.00pm.

Today is Faeiz birthday, my second child.  His mom bought home a medium size chocolate cake to celebrate the birthday among us. At 800pm, both of them Shafique and Faeiz, impatiently want to blow the birthday cake’s candle. So we make a birthday party together.

Faeiz is two years old now and last three days Shafique was three years old.
Happy Birthday Faeiz.

September 15, 2005

Kenduri Arwah

One of the Tawau’s cultures, I think, when the fasting month, Ramadan is coming they will make a Kenduri Arwah. During my time in Tawau, coincidently, my in law family did this.

There is a majlis with some bacaan Yassin, tahlil and doa. They invited most of the family, neighbors and jamaah masjid for the majlis. After all those event were done, then they were served with some meal as a dinner.

Quite happening since I could met with some of my wife’s uncle, nephew, brother and sister during the majlis. I have shot some photo, but most of it were dark in color. Think of buy a new digital camera.

The Gen-2

I'm arrived Tawau at 6.00 am. Hiadayat was there to fetch me using the Hilux.
After took a breakfast with my in law there, I then took a bath so that we could go to Semporna earlier because my sister in law, Rosmiah, has to work in the evening.

We arrived at Semporna at 10.00am, Rosmiah met her boy friend there, and we took some drink then proceed to the Doctor’s house. After a few minute he came back with his Gen-2 which he wants to sell. I make a test drive about 15 minutes around the Semporna Town, then came back to his house.

After a few talk, then I agree to take a car but with a condition that I just continue the CCM. He agrees, without any payment make to him. So we drove back to Tawau to AMBank for some other bank regulation that we have to clear out.

About an hour drive back (The distance between Semporna and Tawau is about 100km) we arrived at Tawau’s AMBank.  The Doctor was already in the counter when I arrived. So, have an explanation from the bank officer there. He said, I as a buyer, have to make a new loan, re-loan, for an amount of the car current price, so that I can change the name for the car. I cannot just easily change the name and continue the CCM. I’m not agreeing since I have to add the amount of RM4000 for all the process and down payment.

When we outside the bank, we one more time try to make a deal. Another choice that he has if he want to sell his car is to make an agreement with a lawyer as a witness, let me use the car and pay the CCM, until the end of the period then give the agreement to the Bank for change the name what so ever. Then he not agree.

So we both do not achieve any decision that suite to both of us. Then we both go home with a little frustration.

September 14, 2005

Need A New Car

We need a new car. In present we drive Kancil. My wife suggest that we have to find a bigger car. Well, women. So, last two day we went to one car shop to look for a car. Not to choose a car but to ask for a price, loan interest, down payment and CCM. In my mind, the target was Waja. After a few info from the car salesman, she's became more excited.

This morning, when she called her mom in Tawau, told her mom that last two days we went to watch a car, her mom said that someone in Sampoerna want to sell his car. A doctor, rarely drive his Gen-2, is looking for someone to continou his car loan. My wife more excited.

Tonight I'll take the 800pm bus to Tawau. Tommorrow I'll go to Semporna to watch for the car, then arrange that changing the car name as well as bank loan. Hopely I'll drive this Gen-2 from Tawau in the next two days.

Birthday Shafique

Yesterday, 13th September, was Shafique's birthday. Nothing much we made to celebrate his birthday since next three days will be his brother, Faeiz birthday. He is three years old know. Feel's like just a few time ago he was delivered by his mom at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. But reality is, his three years old.

In this few weeks, his talking too much. He mastered a new vocabulary each day in his growth day.

Watch my kid growing up day by day infront of my very own eyes is really an honour to me. Valuable time in life. Watch him crawling, collapse during his first step walking, his very first word and etc. I'm so lucky to watch all those process with my own eyes.

We eating out last night. Go pizza. Last time when we went to Pizza Hut, both of them, Faeiz and Shafique, used the baby chair as their seat, but last night, bothe of them sat on an adult seat. So...they're growing up. They're also clever enough to request this and that. Dah besar dah anak aku ni.

Happy birthday Shafique

September 11, 2005

UMS Convocation

When I came back from Kuching yesterday, my wife ask me to go to UMS since there was a convocation day there, known as Tamu Gadang. So, at the evening, after back from office, we get there. Actually this is the last day of Tamu Gadang.

People still crowded at the convocation stall there which, as usual, sell T-Shirt, Souvenir, food and that DiGi stall thing. My two kids as usual uncontrollable, ran here and there when looked at something interested to them, that ballon thing. Bought the ballon to both of them, the ballon man knot the threads to their arm, so that the ballon would not fly away. Syafique is ok, he let the threads knotted to his arm, but not for Faeiz. After less than 15 minutes faeis's ballon fly away. He loudly cried so that his mom has to bought another non fly ballon.

I found a stall which sell the second hand books. Many books was there, so I grab three fiction novel by Stephen Coont, Richard Preston and another author. I used to read the book from all of the author, and they are good writer. Secret prey, Cuba and Sphere.

The Images At Sarawak

I think of someone that really need to see some images from my camera during the visit to Kuching last week. So here it is.

1. To Kuching
2. Serapi Challenge
3. Santubong
4. The visit to Sarawak Cultural Village

Some other images are still on my PC, maybe next time I'll upload it.

September 10, 2005

Back To Kota Kinabalu

Our flight will be at 1.10pm. We was transfer to Kuching Airport by 11.00 o'clock trip with some other contestant. Arrived at the airport at 12.00pm, check in at the counter. Since our baggage is quite heavy, so all of its were safe into a flight cargo.

Before enter the departure hall, my student for the last time met the contestant from PSP and POLISAS. Take another digital image, shake hand and said good bye.

One more time the airplane was A50 Fokker where we have to walk down to the airport basement and use a plane door as a stairs to enter the plane. See, if you use Boeing or airbus, then they used that moving stair to enter the plane, so you don't have to walk into the ground before enter the plane. But, it's ok.

Arrived at KK at 330pm. Make an immigration check. This time I have no problem to use my MyKad since I want to enter Sabah, but they gave me that three month immigration entrance. Okay since the immigration man didn't ask any question.

After collected our baggage, out from terminal, my kid and wife were waiting outside. Miss them all. The driver from PKK came with two transport since Isa told them that we were ten person. Don't know why. Explain back to Japlis and Mus then they're ok.

Arrived home at about 5.00 pm. Syafique and Faeiz were so happy to try their new Kuching's T-shirt. My Kids.

September 9, 2005

The Visit

Wake up in the morning with bad feeling about PDA and Camera. Since last night when came back from Santubong, I do nothing to its since I'm so worried, therefore I just place it one by one on the table, not turn it onn. First of all grabbed my PDA on the hostel's table, took away the SD card then turn it onn. Thank god the power is still runned, try to tap somewhere on the screen, then the thing that I'm afraid of was happened. Nothing functioned, tap anywhere but no effect, it's hanged there. Try to soft reset, worst thing happened, just a PALM logo appeared then stuck over there. Seems like it cannot get into the Operating System. After a few more try the same thing occurred. Then I put it aside with the power still onn because I cannot turn it off.

Grab a camera, the condition is worst than PDA, no power supplied. Took out the card and safe it, hopely the card still function then I could transfer the image in its to PC using card reader.

After those frustrated feel, I then went to take a bath what so ever then proceed to cafeteria for a breakfast. With a moody face, took a breakfast with the student. Try one more time to soft reset the PDA during breakfast then 'pap' its turn to be ok, my lovely Samurai Jack appeared on the screen and all other icon functioned very well when I tapped on it. Fuuhh..lega.

Today's activity was a visit to Sarawak Culture Village located at the same road to Mount Santubong. About 40 minutes from Kuching if the road is clear. We moved to the village at about 900am by bus and reached there about an hour later. Before that, one of the committee request some payment as an entrance payment to enter the village,RM25 for adult and RM15 for student.

It was a good time to spend at this cultural village. Firstly we were entertained with some cultural dance from a various ethnic found in Sarawak such as Iban, Bidayuh, Penan, Malay and others. Quite interesting. They used a live musician playing the traditional instrument to produce a music. There is an Iban's warrior who dance with his blow pipe. It was quite interesting when he aimed the blow pipe into the audience, with his angry face, try to shot at the audience, until he found one girl at the audience seat, then the girl ran away. He came down from stage then grab the girl, lead her onto the stage. Gave her the blow pipe then asked her to shot at anyone in the hall. Finally, he asked the girl to shot at one balloon hanged at the side of the hall, and she made it, she's shot the balloon with that blow pipe.

At the end of the show, they invite all the audience to the stage then dance the Zapin. Many of the student went up to the stage and danced. It look like enjoyable up there. The show was over in about one hour when everybody move out to visit the other place in the village.

This is the huge living museum. There are various kind of traditional house exhibit inside the village from various ethnic of Sarawak. Iban, Murut, Bidayuh, Penan, Malay and others. Most of the houses are long house (rumah panjang). Every single house has a unique structure to differentiate between the culture of the ethnic. There are also the unique equiptment and furniture exhibit inside the house. The weapon, agriculture equiptment, stove, vase and jar, textile, music equiptment and other traditional carved which is unique for every ethnic. These museum is very informative. After the long time, at last I have step into that famous Sarawak's long house.

After two hour at the Cultural Village, we then proceed to the City of Kuching.

The most popular place for tourist in Kuching is Water Front. The reason is, there are many souvenir and handicraft shop over there. The famous souvenir from Sarawak is Ikan Terubok Masin, on kind of salty fish called Terubok. No wonder when I told my office mate that I'm going to Kuching, everybody asked me to buy Terubok Masin. However, I myself did not buy the Terubok Masin in Kuching, but I made and order from Fatah, who know someone who sell this fish, so that the guy will sent the fish in package that suite to bring in flight. So, everybody was happy to shop in Water Front. The bought a rattan mat, T-shirt and other thing that they thought it is unique and cannot find anywhere in other place in the world. I myself bought a T-shirt for my two kid, my wife and my maid. Hopely they're happy.

Asmah At The Souvenir Shop

I also bought a keychain for my office mate, well you know, it is normal when someone going somewhere, then to show that they are kind enough, then they have to buy something to their fellow as a souvenir, then normally they brought home a key chain with a printed image on it, or at least the word show where the key chain come from, so that their mate at the office think that they were always be remember. Well, so am I.
So everybody were happy shopping, everybody have something for their lovely someone when they return home from Kuching.

We're back to PKU at about 530 pm. They will be a closing dinner tonight at 800 pm.

The closing ceremony held at PKU main hall. The director of PKU was proudly close the program after a few compliment to the organizer. After the talk, we were served with some meal as a dinner, officially. Everybody wear batik. During we took a meal, a few video footage from the activity was showed, Santubong and wall climbing, after a few technical problem occured to the screen in front of us. We were also entertained by a group of old man who played Gamelan on the stage.

Then come the time for Hishamuddin to announce the winner of the challenge. The overall winner goes to the host, PKU. After the announcement, then the party was finished. Everybody than took a photo shot with their friend as an image memory, so that in the future, when they forgot which one is someone, so they can refer to the image. That was always happen to me, know the name but forgot the face, memorize the face but forgot the name. Thank to the invention of still image.

When those photography session was over, I then get back to hostel before my room mate entered. Have some chat with him, then slept.

September 8, 2005


The mountain located near to the city of Kuching, means about half an hour. It quite nice since the location is beside the sea and we could view the whole city panorama up there. The height as note on the signboard at peak is 810 meter.

So we arrived to the mountain base at 830 am and at 900am Hishamudin as the program's director was started the Santubong Challenge. I myself start my tracking about 930 am.

The first 45 minutes walkiing, the track is gently 30 degree sloping, this sometime made me bored. I travelled with five other fellow whose age are thirty something, well you know the stamina and fitness is something much problem. So, at this early stage of tracking two of us think to retreat, one man and one girl, and the girl firstly to concede defeat followed by my other fellow at the first checkpoint.

After one hour tracking, we finally get into the real challenge since the track becomes more and more vertical. Until we arrived to the route where we have to use a rope ladder (the one we always see on a movies when someone climb onto a helicopter) with the height varied from three to ten meter. I think the highest one is about ten meter and this sometimes made me dizzy when looking down. This kind of almost vertical route is continously until we reach the peak.

I reach the peak at 1210pm when some other climbers from our group were already there. No more students who took a challenge were there, they've already went down. The view is very marvelous where I can see the South China Sea in the front view and Kuching at my left side. Down below I also could see the Rajang River, the longest river in Malaysia. This mountain is actually the peninsular. This photo I snaped as soon as I was there, still sweating.

For about an hour I'm staying up there, waiting for another girl's group whose about ten minute left behind, as they say, to arrive. But that ten minute became about half an hour before Puan Paridah, Shida and one other girl arrived. There is a small pond with a cloudy water up there. The situation was, when you're at any other places where you can easily find a water, you will never use this water even to wash your hand, because this very pond is sooo contiminated and polluted where you can see a tadpole is swimming inside that brownish water, but in this kind of situation those water is very much valuable.

I boiled some water using a messtin I found from the PKU students who stayed on the peak since last night. Made a 3in 1 nescaffe, also given by the student, then together we have hot nescaffe at the peak of Santubong.

We start to went down into the base at 130pm when all of the girls had had an enough rest, enough photo and recovered from tiredness. We've been the last group to get down, oo..there is one Englishman up there when we start to track down. So, it's me, Pn. Paridah, Shida, Fatah and another Shidah's friend, together we're tracked down. Slowly.

About thirty minutes walked, Shidah who have been followed by fatah, as a sweaper, sat down and cramp, her calf of leg was injured. fatah try to calm her down and spray her calf using pain killer supplied in a first aids kit. When she looked like recovered, I then rushed to Pn. Faridah since she was all by herself and she's so slow, but when I came to her after about 50 meter ran up the hill, I saw one other PKU student was with her, so she should be Okey. Then think about those two fellows up there, I once again rushed to them to see if anything goes right. They're so slow since Shida can't walk easily, it's hurt. Fatah has already communicate with Hishamudin using a walkie talkie, informed him about the situation.

Puan Faridah, Shidah And Fatah

So slowly we walked and most of the time shidah stop walking especially when we're walked down, you know that vertical route. Until at one place when Hishamudin came, about half an hour later, to see what actually happened and guide her down. Fatah then told by Hishamudin to get down first and tell the transport not to wait for us since we have a situation in here. A minutes later, after a few step walking, she's lie down on a ground and her stomach come out with some kind of sound. Pain in her stomach, dizzy in her head, a complete package for a climber who didn't take a meal or whatever food during travel. Gave her "minyak cap kapak" then pinched at her neck to hopely relief the pain. Gave her cloud nine to supplied a bit energy so that she could slowly walk again. And with a few spirit in her, she slowly move to walk down. The sound of storm started once during she ate cloud nine, rain.

After about five minute walked, she's puked. Then after that she's totally reliefed, and could quickly walked. The rain start to pour down, then after five minutes walked after the vommit, there came a heavy rain. Hishamudin lead in front, shidah at the midle and I myself at back.

I brought with me, in my pouch, are my PDA, camera, handphone and all the receipt I safe when I bought a thing for this programme. Try to cover my pouch with my wet hand all the way down, but for sure, I tought there will something in there be damage.

We arrived at the base where Hishamudin parked the car (the same place to start) at 530pm, when nobody was there. Took out my pouch, bag (Pn. Paridah's bag) and place into the rear of the car. Everybody get into the car and everybody want to quickly go home because everybody is totally wet.

On the way home, Hishamudin got a call from someone told him that Kapten from PUO was sick, and has already in Kuching's Hospital. He's cramped when he arrived at the finished line, try to relief by other people during that time, then raining, everybody get into the bus. Once more on the bus, he cramped, then the driver directly brought him to hospital for further check.

Since Hishamudin got that bad news, he drove us to his house which I don't know where, for him to change dress,then he want to look at the Kapten. We were invited to have some hot tea in there. So fresh then. He phoned the bus driver, told him to stop at Petronas near to his house so that we could fetch the bus to the hostel.

Arrived at hostel about 945pm, take a meal, then proceed to hostel, take a shower then slept.

End of the other challenging day.

September 7, 2005

Serapi Challenge

The programme should start at 830am where the official opening will be done by YB, but you know if something was deal with this YB thing you should always have that plan B, so by the end of 'out of the plan' thing happened you should already prepare for action. Then, the opening only finished at 1100am, instead of the schedulled time 930am in which we should clear to start the Serapi Challenge.

After officiall ceremony we were invite to take a tea break with all those officer and YB, when I was introduced to this one food that I don't know the name. The taste is fruity sweet and quite nice, and there is a special method to let it come out from it pack which is made from palm leave, may be coconut leave, if I'm not wrong.

After having a tea and that nice meal, we're proceed to Matang Wldlife Centre for Serapi Challenge. The student were firstly sent by bus to begin the competition, then we followed afterward.

It's rained when I arrived at Matang. Heavily rain so that I'm wet and cold since the challenge took place at the open space. Even there is an office building nearby but it is nice if I could see the activity closely. The challenge took place in the small forest where they have to run to complete some task given at some check point. The distance maybe around four or five kilometer, I'm not sure anyway, but the time taken around one and half hour to two hour. At the end of the challenge they have to swim a quite depth four meter wide's river in group until they reach the finish line. It's rain, wet, slippery and tired, a good combination of package as an eco-challenge.

My team have proudly finish as the eighth finalist to reach the finish line, at about 1.30pm. Then we take a break where some meal, tapau, were serve to all of us. We take a lunch at the open place on the raining afternoon. Everybody talk about how they just have fun during the competition. Tira, Adrian, Aidrian and Asmah, all of them enjoyed the challenge.

During the challenge one of the girl student from Politeknik Kota Melaka got an hysteria, they said, and did not finish the competition. They were the first team to start the challenge.

After finished our lunch then we get back to PKU. Since no more activities in the evening so I just went to hostel and get slept.

At 800pm, after take dinner, we were brought to one sport centre at Kuching to practice and saw the wall climbing. Most of the student and some of the lecturer tried to climb the 15 panels wall climbing, and most of them have a difficulties to get unto to 15th panel.

Got back to hostel at about 1100pm, get rest for tommorow's Santubong.

September 6, 2005

To Kuching

Everything was setup. We will take a 1.05 pm flight to Kuching today. Since I'm not book a Department transport to sent us to airport so I've talk to Samsul to fetch us to the airport.The problem was, there are five of us and the car only suite for four, so I have to ask Rahman to send me. Then it's settle. At 1130am we'll proceed to airport.

We arrived at the airport at 1225pm, then hurried to the counter for check in. Since we're quite late, so quickly get into the terminal, no baggage to cargo, for imigration check. The problem occured when I myself didn't bring my passport, since I've confident that to travel between Sabah and Kuching, I only have to bring my ID card, MyCard, but it's not, I need to bring the passport, if I am working in Sabah, means live for a long time in here (more than three month). The news article is here .So, I have to convince the immigration man there that I really work in KK, and also what I thought about MyCard. After a few nonsense advice from him, then I'm free to go. Thank god.

At 105pm we enter the A50 Fokker airplane with the flight number MH5813

The plane transit in Sibu for 30 minutes and we have to check for another immigration. This time its totally applied MyKad to travel in Sarawak. I get the three month staying in Sarawak receipt that they print from a machine that used a data from MyKad, first time I think that it is useful.

The Fokker landing at Kuching about 315pm. When we exited the terminal, a student who used to be a comitee of the program, come to greet us, then show us a food court, or a cafe, so that we could take our lunch. We met a team from Kota Bharu there who also just arrived from KL.

After took some meal, then we brought to a bus which fetched us to Politeknik Kuching (PKU). After about one hour we arrived at PKU. Registered, check in the hostel, then take a rest for a while before some briefing about the programme at 830 pm at Lecture Hall.

Good for me when met most of the old school mate during the briefing, even not from a same batch, but the person are familiar. Isa, Abbas, Rashid and some other which I have forgot the name.

Hishamudin geve a brief agenda on the program:
1. Serapi challenge - which involved all of the four participant from all team.
2. wall climbing - two participant from each team, couple.
3. Santubong Challenge - two other participant from each team.

Wall climbing and Santubong Challenge will be held at the same time.

The briefing finished at about 11.00pm before we back to hostel.


This is a contest that invite the participant from all Politeknik in Malaysia. The contest is to create and develope a robot with some standard specification given by the organiser, then use the robot to play football on the specific track. Quite interesting. Some of my mate lead by Hanizam, as I know, have spent almost 4 to 5 month to create the robot, and it's quite challenging.

I've spent about 30 minute at the contest hall to watch one of the match. It's between POLISAS and PJB. Poor PJB since the robot was mulfunction, it doesn't make a single move.

A litle tag about the event from PKK website

September 5, 2005

The Task

Some of my task, most of them are jotted on my PDA. Today's task, in priority order is to post the Karambanuai Golf Club T-Shirt which they have ordered on last Friday to Madeq at Penang. So, it has been done. Fetched my wife to her Shop, draw some cash then went to post office, post it by using Pos Express service. These 50 pieces of collar T-shirt should be finish by 20th of September. Hopely madeq don't come out with any other production problems.

Second task is to conduct a meeting with my 4 fellows who I have selected to join an ECO-Challenge at Politeknik Kuching tomorrow. It happened on 1030 am, and I'm arrived at 1040am at my office where Tira, 10 minutes earlier have already SMS me during my drive, have already waiting for me. Thank god, three of them were there except Adrian, who has SMS me in the morning to inform that he may be late, then I called him back to know that he was at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , KK to watch for his newly operates nephew. Nevermind. For sure he'll not come.
Just a simple meeting where I have to tell them about flight, the dress they should bring with, some other gear if possible. So, tomorrow we will take a flight to Kuching by 1.05pm flight, and should gathered here at my department at 11.30am then shamsul will fetch us to airport.

ROBOCON contest is today. Still not visit the contest arena, or they call it the track. Perhaps this afternoon. Should shot some picture and upload it here.

September 4, 2005

New Look Of My PDA

Dah hampir sebulan dah Alluminum casing untuk aku punya PDA tu dah rosak. Dia nyer pin untuk sambung depan dan belakang casing tu dah hilang satu. Anak aku makan agaknya. So, pagi tadi pergi Centre Point KK, grab one leather casing ni. Dia nyer price RM100.

Sambil pusing pusing CP tu jumpa pulak one set of Lethal Weapon DVD, beli lagi.

Dari semalam dah ramai contestant untuk ROBOCON sampai kat Poli KK. Semalam ada Adeq ngan Shamarnol yang dah jumpa. Dua dua call aku dulu dengan tujuan untuk nak pakai kereta. Adeq nak mintak tolong angkut barang robot dia dan Shamarnol pulak nak minta bawak gi kedai Hardware nak beli engsel ngan skru untuk nak baiki kota robot yang barai masa kat atas flight. Layan jer la, sesekali jumpa.

Hari ni bangun jam 530 pagi sebab gi ambik Rahman yang baru sampai dari Tawau dekat stesen bas KK.

September 3, 2005


Malam tadi terjaga dalam pukul 4.00 am. nak tidur balik takleh. So, ambik PDA sambung balik baca Da Vinci Code.

Semakin menarik citer ni, bila dah sampai bab Sophie dan Langdon dah jumpa ngan Teabing untuk solve puzzle nak cari password untuk cryptex tu. Memang best time Teabing explain caner Christian dah dipusingkan oleh Church nyer orang then nak tutup kisah sebenar disebalik catholics yang ada sekarang, very informative. Rasa macam susah nak berenti baca bila dah sampai bab ni.

Pukul 9.30am ada meeting pasal lawatan Practical Training. So, 26 - 28 September kena gi Tawau buat lawatan ke 12 tempat. 29 september pulak ada Konvokesyen kat sini.

September 2, 2005

Update The Blog

rupanya dah setahun aku tinggalkan blog aku ni. Last update dulu on November 2004. Baru perasan rupanya perkara yang aku tulis tu adalah setahun yang lalu. hehe..baru jer rasanya.

Anyway..ari ni try to update apa yang patut kat sini lagi. Banyak mender yang dah tak ingat lagi dah untuk tagging apa mender semua tu.

Tadi baru abis bagi taklimat pasal PMIS kat pensyarah semua. Hopely boleh jalan la tu.

Suruh TIRA gi check life jacket kat store unit sukan untuk bawak gi Kuching for ECO-Challenge tu. Hampess..semua dah angkang, rosak semua life jacket. Terpaksa call Hishamudin kat Kuching suruh spare 4 biji life jacket untuk team KK.

6 - 10 september ada kat Kuching untuk Eco-Challenge.

Kembali Lagi

Ini Gambar Faeiz Masa Dekat Monsopiad Cultural Village

Dah lama tinggalkan arena weblog ni. Hopely start hari ni boleh spent sikit masa untuk blog lagi.

Mungkin pasni boleh buat tentang apa palm software yang ditry, then apa aktiviti harian yg dibuat.