September 9, 2005

The Visit

Wake up in the morning with bad feeling about PDA and Camera. Since last night when came back from Santubong, I do nothing to its since I'm so worried, therefore I just place it one by one on the table, not turn it onn. First of all grabbed my PDA on the hostel's table, took away the SD card then turn it onn. Thank god the power is still runned, try to tap somewhere on the screen, then the thing that I'm afraid of was happened. Nothing functioned, tap anywhere but no effect, it's hanged there. Try to soft reset, worst thing happened, just a PALM logo appeared then stuck over there. Seems like it cannot get into the Operating System. After a few more try the same thing occurred. Then I put it aside with the power still onn because I cannot turn it off.

Grab a camera, the condition is worst than PDA, no power supplied. Took out the card and safe it, hopely the card still function then I could transfer the image in its to PC using card reader.

After those frustrated feel, I then went to take a bath what so ever then proceed to cafeteria for a breakfast. With a moody face, took a breakfast with the student. Try one more time to soft reset the PDA during breakfast then 'pap' its turn to be ok, my lovely Samurai Jack appeared on the screen and all other icon functioned very well when I tapped on it. Fuuhh..lega.

Today's activity was a visit to Sarawak Culture Village located at the same road to Mount Santubong. About 40 minutes from Kuching if the road is clear. We moved to the village at about 900am by bus and reached there about an hour later. Before that, one of the committee request some payment as an entrance payment to enter the village,RM25 for adult and RM15 for student.

It was a good time to spend at this cultural village. Firstly we were entertained with some cultural dance from a various ethnic found in Sarawak such as Iban, Bidayuh, Penan, Malay and others. Quite interesting. They used a live musician playing the traditional instrument to produce a music. There is an Iban's warrior who dance with his blow pipe. It was quite interesting when he aimed the blow pipe into the audience, with his angry face, try to shot at the audience, until he found one girl at the audience seat, then the girl ran away. He came down from stage then grab the girl, lead her onto the stage. Gave her the blow pipe then asked her to shot at anyone in the hall. Finally, he asked the girl to shot at one balloon hanged at the side of the hall, and she made it, she's shot the balloon with that blow pipe.

At the end of the show, they invite all the audience to the stage then dance the Zapin. Many of the student went up to the stage and danced. It look like enjoyable up there. The show was over in about one hour when everybody move out to visit the other place in the village.

This is the huge living museum. There are various kind of traditional house exhibit inside the village from various ethnic of Sarawak. Iban, Murut, Bidayuh, Penan, Malay and others. Most of the houses are long house (rumah panjang). Every single house has a unique structure to differentiate between the culture of the ethnic. There are also the unique equiptment and furniture exhibit inside the house. The weapon, agriculture equiptment, stove, vase and jar, textile, music equiptment and other traditional carved which is unique for every ethnic. These museum is very informative. After the long time, at last I have step into that famous Sarawak's long house.

After two hour at the Cultural Village, we then proceed to the City of Kuching.

The most popular place for tourist in Kuching is Water Front. The reason is, there are many souvenir and handicraft shop over there. The famous souvenir from Sarawak is Ikan Terubok Masin, on kind of salty fish called Terubok. No wonder when I told my office mate that I'm going to Kuching, everybody asked me to buy Terubok Masin. However, I myself did not buy the Terubok Masin in Kuching, but I made and order from Fatah, who know someone who sell this fish, so that the guy will sent the fish in package that suite to bring in flight. So, everybody was happy to shop in Water Front. The bought a rattan mat, T-shirt and other thing that they thought it is unique and cannot find anywhere in other place in the world. I myself bought a T-shirt for my two kid, my wife and my maid. Hopely they're happy.

Asmah At The Souvenir Shop

I also bought a keychain for my office mate, well you know, it is normal when someone going somewhere, then to show that they are kind enough, then they have to buy something to their fellow as a souvenir, then normally they brought home a key chain with a printed image on it, or at least the word show where the key chain come from, so that their mate at the office think that they were always be remember. Well, so am I.
So everybody were happy shopping, everybody have something for their lovely someone when they return home from Kuching.

We're back to PKU at about 530 pm. They will be a closing dinner tonight at 800 pm.

The closing ceremony held at PKU main hall. The director of PKU was proudly close the program after a few compliment to the organizer. After the talk, we were served with some meal as a dinner, officially. Everybody wear batik. During we took a meal, a few video footage from the activity was showed, Santubong and wall climbing, after a few technical problem occured to the screen in front of us. We were also entertained by a group of old man who played Gamelan on the stage.

Then come the time for Hishamuddin to announce the winner of the challenge. The overall winner goes to the host, PKU. After the announcement, then the party was finished. Everybody than took a photo shot with their friend as an image memory, so that in the future, when they forgot which one is someone, so they can refer to the image. That was always happen to me, know the name but forgot the face, memorize the face but forgot the name. Thank to the invention of still image.

When those photography session was over, I then get back to hostel before my room mate entered. Have some chat with him, then slept.

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