September 5, 2005

The Task

Some of my task, most of them are jotted on my PDA. Today's task, in priority order is to post the Karambanuai Golf Club T-Shirt which they have ordered on last Friday to Madeq at Penang. So, it has been done. Fetched my wife to her Shop, draw some cash then went to post office, post it by using Pos Express service. These 50 pieces of collar T-shirt should be finish by 20th of September. Hopely madeq don't come out with any other production problems.

Second task is to conduct a meeting with my 4 fellows who I have selected to join an ECO-Challenge at Politeknik Kuching tomorrow. It happened on 1030 am, and I'm arrived at 1040am at my office where Tira, 10 minutes earlier have already SMS me during my drive, have already waiting for me. Thank god, three of them were there except Adrian, who has SMS me in the morning to inform that he may be late, then I called him back to know that he was at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , KK to watch for his newly operates nephew. Nevermind. For sure he'll not come.
Just a simple meeting where I have to tell them about flight, the dress they should bring with, some other gear if possible. So, tomorrow we will take a flight to Kuching by 1.05pm flight, and should gathered here at my department at 11.30am then shamsul will fetch us to airport.

ROBOCON contest is today. Still not visit the contest arena, or they call it the track. Perhaps this afternoon. Should shot some picture and upload it here.

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