September 7, 2005

Serapi Challenge

The programme should start at 830am where the official opening will be done by YB, but you know if something was deal with this YB thing you should always have that plan B, so by the end of 'out of the plan' thing happened you should already prepare for action. Then, the opening only finished at 1100am, instead of the schedulled time 930am in which we should clear to start the Serapi Challenge.

After officiall ceremony we were invite to take a tea break with all those officer and YB, when I was introduced to this one food that I don't know the name. The taste is fruity sweet and quite nice, and there is a special method to let it come out from it pack which is made from palm leave, may be coconut leave, if I'm not wrong.

After having a tea and that nice meal, we're proceed to Matang Wldlife Centre for Serapi Challenge. The student were firstly sent by bus to begin the competition, then we followed afterward.

It's rained when I arrived at Matang. Heavily rain so that I'm wet and cold since the challenge took place at the open space. Even there is an office building nearby but it is nice if I could see the activity closely. The challenge took place in the small forest where they have to run to complete some task given at some check point. The distance maybe around four or five kilometer, I'm not sure anyway, but the time taken around one and half hour to two hour. At the end of the challenge they have to swim a quite depth four meter wide's river in group until they reach the finish line. It's rain, wet, slippery and tired, a good combination of package as an eco-challenge.

My team have proudly finish as the eighth finalist to reach the finish line, at about 1.30pm. Then we take a break where some meal, tapau, were serve to all of us. We take a lunch at the open place on the raining afternoon. Everybody talk about how they just have fun during the competition. Tira, Adrian, Aidrian and Asmah, all of them enjoyed the challenge.

During the challenge one of the girl student from Politeknik Kota Melaka got an hysteria, they said, and did not finish the competition. They were the first team to start the challenge.

After finished our lunch then we get back to PKU. Since no more activities in the evening so I just went to hostel and get slept.

At 800pm, after take dinner, we were brought to one sport centre at Kuching to practice and saw the wall climbing. Most of the student and some of the lecturer tried to climb the 15 panels wall climbing, and most of them have a difficulties to get unto to 15th panel.

Got back to hostel at about 1100pm, get rest for tommorow's Santubong.


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