September 10, 2005

Back To Kota Kinabalu

Our flight will be at 1.10pm. We was transfer to Kuching Airport by 11.00 o'clock trip with some other contestant. Arrived at the airport at 12.00pm, check in at the counter. Since our baggage is quite heavy, so all of its were safe into a flight cargo.

Before enter the departure hall, my student for the last time met the contestant from PSP and POLISAS. Take another digital image, shake hand and said good bye.

One more time the airplane was A50 Fokker where we have to walk down to the airport basement and use a plane door as a stairs to enter the plane. See, if you use Boeing or airbus, then they used that moving stair to enter the plane, so you don't have to walk into the ground before enter the plane. But, it's ok.

Arrived at KK at 330pm. Make an immigration check. This time I have no problem to use my MyKad since I want to enter Sabah, but they gave me that three month immigration entrance. Okay since the immigration man didn't ask any question.

After collected our baggage, out from terminal, my kid and wife were waiting outside. Miss them all. The driver from PKK came with two transport since Isa told them that we were ten person. Don't know why. Explain back to Japlis and Mus then they're ok.

Arrived home at about 5.00 pm. Syafique and Faeiz were so happy to try their new Kuching's T-shirt. My Kids.

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