October 3, 2005

The Camping

This camping is started on 30th of September and end yesterday. The main purpose is to teach the student, who represent the club, to develop a paper work for their activity.

Other than the workshop on paper work, there are other activity we have organized to the student. This is such as the Group Work, water confident, night activity and other.

My job is to handle the workshop and to make sure they'll get their meal as planned. Well, went here and there to supply the material for cooking.

Since, I share a car with my wife, so I can't be there at night. My commitment is limited. At first night, one of the student was sick, migrain. One of the organizer has called me at 11.00pm to tell me the situation. The girl has already brought to Tuaran's Hospital for a check up by Pasukan Keselamatan Awam (JPA3). Thank god they were there for another camping. I arrived the Hospital at 12.00am. After about an hour waiting, I fetched them to my house for rest. The next morning we went back to the camp site.

Other than that everything was ok.

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