October 2, 2005

That Old School Stylo

One good thing when attending a short course like this is, I can meet my old school mate. Most of attendee were my friend at KuITTHO. It is nice to know a lot of new story from them and from other friend who's not attend the course.

Most of us are married and have one or two children. Talk about each family is a very nice thing. Such like, when will you "produce" another children. The production.

The job is almost the same for us. The environment is different. Well, it differ and depend on who is the administrator, the director. Some are difficult and some are happy to serve. Life, whatever it is you have to go on.

Thanx to Cikudin, Jais, Yus, Shah, Hani, Hassan, Arman and some other who I just can't remember the name but know the face.


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