June 16, 2006


Sleep is the regular state of natural rest observed in all mammals, birds, and fish. Sleep is not actually "unconsciousness," but rather, it is a natural state of rest characterized by a reduction in voluntary body movement, decreased reaction to external stimuli, an increased rate of anabolism (the synthesis of cell structures), and a decreased rate of catabolism (the breakdown of cell structures). Therefore, since consciousness is literally the awareness of the surroundings, being asleep is just an altered state of consciousness, as opposed to being unconscious. It is heavily influenced by circadian rhythms and by hormonal and environmental factors. Sleep performs a restorative function for the brain and body as evidenced by the myriad symptoms of metabolic dysfunction that result when animals are deprived of sleep.

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Semalam diaorang tidur awal, pukul 7.00pm, pastu Syafique bangun balik pukul 9.30, bukak Channel cartoon kat dia. Pukul 10.30, baru nak start tidur, Faeiz pulak terjaga, ikut abang dia layan cartoon. Pukul 1.00am, terkejut dengar dua dua ketawa mengilai, rupa rupa masih lagi layan cartoon. Dekat pukul 2.00 am, tersedar lagi sekali, bergaduh pulak dua orang tu.

Pagi tadi bangun, dua dua lentok. Tah pukul berapa bangun tak tau pagi ni.

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